"Stacey was unbelievable to work with from the very beginning. She was very professional, put forward a storyboard with great ideas and absolutely delivered. Investing money in any profession (let alone music!) always needs to be justified and Stacey's brilliance not only justified the video, but has since been our most viewed video and has received high applause from music industry professionals. 10/10"
- Jordan Merrick (Singer/Songwriter of Fugitive & the Vagabond)

Original rough house scene concept - Betty cries alone at home.

Original rough cemetery scene concept - Betty walks through the graveyard.

Original rough character concepts - Betty and Jimmy (living and dead).

Betty - alive, ghost, corpse, zombie (final character designs).

Jimmy - alive, electrocuted, corpse, ghost, zombie (final character designs).

Greaser Reaper and his bike.

German Shepherd design.

Little Cindy and the Demons.

Totally sounds like the name of an underground punk band... See what I did there.

Final house scene panel (night).

Final 1st town scene panel (night).

Final 2nd town scene panel (night).

Final 3rd town scene panel (night).

I wanted the video to have seamless movement, so I planned and designed the various scene panels to link up. With the exception of the start (in which Betty acts as the links between cuts), the entire video moves back and forth, up and down without cutting. It proved a challenging task, but the end result was well worth it.

Poor Jimmy... Screenshot from the opening scene.

Screenshot from the funeral scene.

A bereft and intoxicated Betty gets an idea... Screenshot from the house scene.

Screenshot from the underground tunnel scene.

If you're an adventurer like me, you'll recognise that demonic skull. The underworld is home to a small collection of easter eggs. See if you can spot another cult classic skull; a certain travel agent employee of the Department of Death.

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