"Album art is so important to me as a musician as it is another part of telling the story the music does. Stacey jumped on board to create album art as well as concept art for each song. She took the ball and RAN with it. She pieced together a 24 page film noir booklet which perfectly captured a gritty, dust bowl Americana tale of a man who'd seen it all. It is the cornerstone in which the albums early success stands. It caught the eye of many. Amazing work Stacey!"
- Jordan Merrick (Singer/Songwriter of Fugitive & the Vagabond)

'Novella' Front Cover

You Got Him

Talkin' City Blues

Check out the stunning music video for Talkin' City Blues. Directed, shot, and edited by Will Johnstone.

Pitiful Blues

My Girlfriend

Check out the quirky music video for My Girlfriend. Conceived, directed, designed, and animated by me.

Queen Of Versailles

Dressed In Gold

Reality Blues

Lighter and Note

The Wild

Time Travelin' Blues

Check out the lyric video for Time Travelin' Blues. Created and animated by yours truly. Keep an eye out for a sneaky little rodent.

'Novella' Back Cover

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